The all-in-one speaker system to stream all the music on earth in every room

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that sets up quickly and makes listening easy. Use the free app to connect directly to your home WiFi network and send different songs to different rooms at the same time. Or enjoy one big favourite in perfect sync all through your house. Sonos plays all the most popular music services, internet radio, audiobooks, podcasts, music downloads – you can even set it up to play your vinyl collection. With Sonos, you can enjoy whatever you love to listen to, in any and every room in your home.

We offer a choice of ZonePlayers and Controllers so you can play and control the music wherever and however you want. Plus, we provide accessories for everything else you need. Rest assured, no matter what you choose, they all work together in perfect harmony.


FREE Installation & Training

For a limited time, all new Sonos systems purchased from Tidal Tech qualify for free installation labour in the Tauranga area, including network setup and training in how to use the system.

This is a complete in-home personal service to ensure your new Sonos sound system is professionally installed and you know how to drive it, hassle free!

All you need to provide is a good WiFi connection to the internet and your own smartphones/tablets that you will use to control the system with the free Sonos Controller App.

In no time at all you will be listening to all your favourite music…


System line-up — Fill a room or a house with music

Sonos ZonePlayers wirelessly play music in any room you choose. Mix and match for the ultimate in multi-room music.

Sonos PLAY:5


Play 5: – NEW! The ultimate listening experience with the purest, deepest, most vibrant sound.

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Sonos PLAY:3


The smaller, sexier, tuck in a corner and
blow out the roof, all-in-one player

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Sonos PLAY:1


The compact wireless speaker that delivers deep,
crystal clear HiFi sound

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Sonos ONE

The Smart Speaker for Music Lovers
Sonos One with Amazon Alexa built in

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Turn your speakers into a floorboard rattling,
all music streaming player

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Turn any stereo into a mind blowing,
all music streaming player

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Fills an entire room with thick layers of deep,
bottomless sound that let’s you hear and feel
every chord,kick, splash and roll.

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The Soundbar for Music Lovers
Epic full-theatre sound – Sophisticated 9-speaker design.

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Two-in-one. Full-theatre sound for your TV. Streams music, too.

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The smart, compact soundbar for your TV, with Amazon Alexa built in.

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Take total control of your home listening experience with the Sonos app. Play, control and explore your music, your way.

Built for mobile, tablet and desktop, the Sonos app connects you to all the music on earth, all over your home.



Already have Sonos? Get the app:


Everything else you need

Setup, expand or accessorise your system.


Create a wireless network to link every player in your home

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Please note

The Sonos units sold in New Zealand are manufactured with a different wireless setup to those sold in the USA.

Sonos units manufactured for the USA market do not conform to New Zealand C-tick certification standards and can cause a range of interference issues with other electronic devices. These US units cannot be legally imported or sold in New Zealand. They also are not covered by New Zealand Warranty or technical support.