Lutron Shades

Sivoia QED™ (quiet electronic drive)


Lutron has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting control systems for over 40 years. Now, Lutron has opened up a new world of possibilities by seamlessly integrating electric and daylight control systems with a focus on innovation and world-class engineering. Technology is blended with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for any specification.


Effective daylight management …

Interior daylight can be generated by direct sunlight, reflection from clouds, surrounding buildings, and/or light coloured interior walls. Daylight management is the use of shading systems to regulate the penetration and intensity of natural light into a space.




Applying the proper shading system …


Controlling daylight requires a well-engineered shading system. The system consists of a controllable shade combined with the proper fabric for attenuating light penetration while preserving exterior views and controlling heat gain. Controllable shades allow a system to be automated and integrated into other building control systems.


Quality and performance …


The Sivoia QED family of roller blind and curtain systems:

  • Offer touch of a button convenience
  • Provide near-silent performance
  • Operate smoothly and in perfect alignment
  • Reduce glare and protect furnishings from U/V damage
  • Are easily installed in new or existing spaces
  • Are custom manufactured

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