Middle Atlantic


Whether you choose to install a home theatre, distributed music system, or whole-house control, today’s advanced audio and video components provide homeowners with more entertainment choices than ever before.

These integrated systems require engineered equipment mounting solutions designed to be built-in, unobtrusive, and highly aesthetic, while providing easy access to equipment connections.

From Racks and Enclosures to Monitoring Consoles, Middle Atlantic have the solutions needed to get the job done quicker, while taking into account the thermal , cable, and space management requirements of each installation.


Here are some features of Middle Atlantic equipment

  • The RSH custom fascia system provides secure equipment mounting, and is the professional’s choice for trimming non-rackmount components.
  • Slide out rotating shelving systems combine the functionality of a professional racking system with the simplicity of adjustable shelves. These unique pull-out equipment racks provide convenient access to connections.
  • The Slim 5 Series and ERK Series are versatile rack frame systems satisfying many design requirements and are best suited for stand alone applications.
  • Thermal management solutions with proportional speed thermostatic control keep equipment cool and extend the lifespan of components.
  • Superior cable management products facilitate the placement and maintain the organization of multiple cables.

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